Demonology & Ghosts.

From demonology to ghosts, I had a frightening experience from 4 years old, a place in Western Germany called Leibenau, which was occupied by the British after WWII. This was a block of flats that apparantly was built on top of a bombed Laboratory from WWI,  many children including myself had seen ghostly apperitions, and the girl below where I lived screamed each night of seeing the ghosts of guard dogs.  I myself had seen things, and at 4 years old was scared;  I refused to sleep in my room because of it.  Asked years later what it was, I exclaimed the person I saw was dark haired,  long dark hair, with glasses and wearing a lab jacket ; to this day my mother disbelievers me although there was stories told to her about other children seeing these things too.  My father knew a paratrooper who lived in the block with his German wife, who had asked round thea area why this was happening, and was told it was the site of a bombed lab in WWI.   NEEDLESS TO SAY THE VICTIMS WHO WORKED THERE WERE USING CHILDREN TO GET A MESSAGE ACCROSS